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Katie Girtman is one of the photographers behind Studio Kiva. She has 20 years of professional experience, shooting everything from sporting events, architecture, to extreme adventures and globally recognized products. Her approach to product photography and sporting events leans toward the photojournalistic, emphasizing the natural and fleeting rather than the staged and stale. Her architectural photographs enhances the natural light and adds lighting where she needs to.

Katie goes out on the edge, literally, to capture exceptional moments with her camera, revealing real emotion and beauty in both her subjects and the extreme environments in which she excels at working. Pulling off breath-taking shoots with technical and compositional aplomb, Katie thinks nothing of staring down the elements on a sheer rock face or deep in the backcountry to get the shots that demand attention. An accomplished product photographer, Katie also brings visual insight and daring to commercial shoots set in either the natural world or the studio, delighting in detail and texture, and producing arresting images that are anything but ordinary—a quality vital in today’s overcrowded marketing space.

Victor Girtman is the Art Director and Production Manager of Studio Kiva. He plays a very important role by making sure the end product fits the client’s needs, and spends lots of production time going over each image before it goes out the door. Victor has 20 years’ experience in the graphic arts, including art direction for numerous publishing companies. He excels in all aspects of digital production, including design, retouching and post-production, and printing. Victor adds his graphic design experience along with being an artist to Studio Kiva photography.  " A key component to commercial photography." 

Studio Kiva also has other photographers for specific needs that can shoot different types of styles. We can help set this up for you. Depending on the type of shoot, we offer stylists as well as assistants on hand for each client’s needs.

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